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Online Training (OLT)

GeoLearning's instructional designers and web developers will create custom courseware to meet your organization's unique training and development needs. We have experience converting existing classroom, print-based and CD-ROM materials to online courseware as well as branding and customizing "off-the-shelf" courseware

The GeoLearning Courseware Development Team's goal is to create instruction that takes full advantage of the many benefits of on-line learning. Our methods include the following:

  • Start with the learner, not the content. It is important to understand whom the audience is to best reach them. One size does not fit all.
  • Offering authentic pre- and post-instructional assessment to track skill growth. The most accurate assessments are those that mimic on the job situations.
  • Focus on what matters. The learner wants to gain something from the course. We seek to tie the content into relevant real world situations.
  • Maintaining learner interest through numerous opportunities for on-screen interaction.
  • Giving learners the chance to practice new skills through simulations and exercises.
  • Offering frequent feedback so learners can check their understanding of key points and review areas in which they need further instruction.


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